What is a music sample pack / sound kit?

Tom Mar 02, 2022

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What is a music sample pack / sound kit?

What is a sample pack:

A sample pack (also known as a sound kit) is a collection of sounds intended for producers to use to produce music. The majority of the time, packs are broken down by genres or represent a musical style or instrument. For example, you may have a pack consisting totally of piano or strings samples or a pack consisting simply of different drum components: snares, kicks, hi-hats, etc.

Sample Pack Types:

What’s the difference and what should I know:

  • Construction Kits: A construction kit is a set of loops and sounds all designed to work together. The sounds in the kit are in the same key, have the same bpm. They are also based on the same chord structure, song structure, groove, and feeling. Read more

  • Loop Kits: Set of individual loops/sounds. Loops are melodies, chords, chord progressions, or even single sounds. When you play these sounds over and over at a regular timing they create a rhythmic pattern. Unlike construction kits, included loops and sounds are not designed to work together. Browse Loop Kits

    View of loop kit folder structure.

  • One-Shot Kits: A one shot or one shot sample in music production is a single hit that is the result of a single stroke of a chord, drum, or a note. An example of a one shot could be the single strike of any key on a keyboard or Midi or an individual kick drum sample from a drum kit or sample pack. Browse One-Shot Kits

  • Midi Kits: A file with the .MID or .MIDI file extension is a Musical Instrument Digital Interface file. Unlike regular audio files like MP3s or WAVs, these don't contain actual audio data and are therefore much smaller in size. Read more

  • Drum Kits: The drum kit is a group of percussion instruments arranged so that they can be played by one person. The basic drum kit is comprised of any number of other percussion instruments, but primarily of large and small drums and cymbals, with the special tonal qualities of each being used in a performance. The drum kit can easily be rearranged to suit a particular musical genre or sound, and so the number and types of percussion instruments included will vary from drummer to drummer. 

  • Stem Kits: Stems are the individual sounds that make up a sample. Typically the instruments. You want the stems for more creative freedom and to make edits. Is made up of various pianos, guitars, a flute, and drums. Browse Stem Kits

    View of stem kit folder structure.

Why would you use a sample pack:

Samples, loops, drums, or midi can serve as the foundation of a new music piece. A simple melody or riff can be enough to get a beat started. They can also serve as the cherry on top. Sometimes all a beat is missing is that simple one-shot sound.

Remember, using loops or samples doesn’t have to mean simply dragging & dropping recorded sounds and arranging them into a track. Get inspired by whole world of amazing, high-quality, royalty-free samples available online and use them as starting points instead of your final sound.

Browse and download loop kits: