What is Ring Modulation?

Tom Jun 21, 2021

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What is Ring Modulation?

What’s up Producer!

Sometimes in our productions, we need to break out and go a little strange! Today we look at being a little different and focus on a cool effect! Ring Modulation. 

If you are an industrial-style track producer, you’ll be familiar with the Ring Modulator. But it is a very cool effect to have in other genres too. Ring Modulation is often used to create quite dramatic instrumental textures. So, when it is time to get strange, the Ring Modulator is a great place to start!

Bronwen from www.rapponline.net demonstrates Ring Modulation in the video using samples from the Seven Sounds Emo Chill & Trap Sample Pack.

Keep experimenting and perfect your signature sound!
The r-loops team.

USED SAMPLE PACK (Seven Sounds - Emo Chill & Trap) - https://r-loops.com/sample-pack/seven-sounds/emo-chill-trap/4849