Indie Pop Rock - 3 Approaches to Mixing

Tom Aug 24, 2021

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Indie Pop Rock - 3 Approaches to Mixing
What’s up producer?

Rock and roll is all about feeling, intuition, and groove, and this is important in the Indie Rock genre as well. While the rhythm section should be locked in and tight, there should also be a good ‘looseness' (not refereing to sloppy playing, just a more relaxed feel) that gives the whole groove a ‘live performance feel’.

The defining sounds of Indie Pop Rock are punchy drums, fuzzy crunchy guitar tones, lush saturated mixes, quirky melodies, some unique effected vocal lines and those proper odd arrangements. Have a listen to some mainstream bands like: The Killers, or Grizzly Bear or Big Thief for some inspiration!

Using samples from Seven Sounds Subliminal Pop Verses, Bronwen from shows us in a video a few techniques for getting a great Indie Pop Rock Sound; but you can tweak and re-purpose these techniques in your other mixes in other genres too.

Keep on rocking!
The R-Loops Team.