How to make Vox Chops

Tom Oct 19, 2021

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How to make Vox Chops

What’s up Producer! 

Making vocal chops and flipping samples is a technique you really to practice and perfect, especially if you are producing modern EDM, hip hop or pop music. You first need a great sample, and we have plenty of those at  


Here are some steps to create a cool processor chain on your vocal sample to get you going on creating great vocal chops:  


  1. First hard tune your vocal. So, add a pitch correction plugin on the vocal channel. Set the key signature. Then set the response to really nice and fast.  
  2. Next add in the Xfer Records OTT plugin, it’s a multiband upward and downward compressor (a really popular, very cool plugin) . It will bring down the transients, and then also pushes up the low-level detail of the sample as well!  So, you can push it quite hard to get great results! 
  3. Compression is next for dynamic control and add a touch of colour to your sample! 
  4. Next, you want to EQ the vocal part. So do a nice cut at around 120Hz (roll off the lows) or so, hey maybe even a little higher up in the audio spectrum is good too!  Now, sweeten or bring out the presence of the vocal part. 
  5. Next is saturation. You can play around here and dial in all sorts of interesting harmonics! So many plugins to choose from! 
  6. Once you have your chain, it’s time to bounce out the file as a new audio file. 
  7. Next, import it into your favourite sampler, and splice it up, and there you go. Vocal chops. Ready to be played! 
  8. You can add in some extra effects to the chopped vocal sample, just for unique sounds!   

The r-loops team