Creating own sounds with the use of synthesizers.

Tom Jul 28, 2016

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Creating own sounds with the use of synthesizers.

The sounds in a recording need to have the correct quality to attract the listener. Of course the best quality is the one generated naturally, but studio equipment is getting better and better, and also provides many possibilities. Such a device, on which sounds can be mastered, is a synthesizer.


I use among others, a digital synthesizer called “sytrus” or “sylenth 1”. A characteristic feature of synthesizers is a myriad of knobs and buttons, in short – an absolute enigma for a novice. But, when one gets a hold of what button serves what purpose, mastering the sounds will become nothing but pleasure. But the correctness of the sound isn't really that much. It's the originality that counts.


That is why, all you need is to keep trying as long as something interesting comes up. Couldn't be easier! If you are a beginner at music production or you've never created your own sounds, I recommend checking out some ready-made presets which were mastered by professionals.

Check out preset banks which are perfect for creating backgrounds for hip-hop trap or house: CLICK HERE

You can of course use these presets in your productions and check how their sounds have been mastered. Learning the ready-made preset banks made my work with synthesizers much easier - I simply understood what it's all about!


In time I began to master my own sounds, which gave me lots of satisfaction and uniqueness in music