10 Tips for a writing a great song

Tom Jun 26, 2021

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10 Tips for a writing a great song

What’s up producer!

We’ve done some digging and asked some pros, about what makes a great song! What we got is a whole bunch of good answers, and made a list of our favourite #10 tips. We’ve asked Bronwen from www.rapponline.net to demonstrate some of these tips in a video for us!..AND..we’ve got an infographic for you to keep on hand for when you’re in producer mode!

10 Tips for a writing a great song

#1 Be original
Ok, so you’ve got a great sample, pack. Now, the trick is to create something that people expect, and then give them a bit of the unexpected by adding an original element, new sound or special effect.

#2 Use Patterns
This will help establish familiarity. Create a common thread, with the music or lyrics that the listener can relate to. Hey, don’t be boring though. Change up the patterns every now and then to create excitement, and release tension.

#3 Check your structure
 The human brain is wired to enjoy structured music. Get to understand the genre of music you are writing for and understand the structure for the style in terms of intro verse chorus etc, and work within that structure.

#4 Hook Them in

You need one great melody and hook section that sums it all up and concentrates the message and the emotion into one climatic moment. It acts as ear candy and keeps the listener coming back for more!

#5 Tell the story
A great song, like a great story has a beginning middle and end. The story part of the song (verses) should create a tension that peaks or resolves itself in the hook (chorus). Avoid same old same old topics and phrases.

#6 Make that change

Don’t be shy to make changes. Write and rewrite until you get the song perfect!

#7 Get feedback

Ask for constructive criticism from a qualified producer. Know when enough is really enough!

#8 choose the right team

Invest in an experienced production team. This will help you grow in your own abilities, and also help you to meet the demands of the consumer (commercial marketplace).

#9 Collaborate

Collaborate with other writers, producers and musicians to get the creative juices flowing.

#10 listen, read, learn
Listen to as many commercially successful tracks as you can and analyse them. Write down their structure. An identifiable pattern will soon emerge. Start to base your song’s structure on your analysis of these tracks. You will see a significant improvement in your own material.

Get writing and arranging your next hit!
The r-loops team,

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