What is a Spire Synthesizer and how to install Spire presets

Tom Dec 05, 2021

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What is a Spire Synthesizer and how to install Spire presets

Spire is the first software synthesizer developed by Reveal Sound. The synthesizer utilizes multipurpose oscillators, filters, and effects units within a digital graphic interface. Spire combines elements from both Analog and software synthesizers.

Spire is a polyphonic synthesizer that’s available for PC/Mac in 32/64 bit formats, has 800+ presets, and boasts four oscillators with multiple modes (Classic, Noise, FM or Hard FM, AMSync, and SawPWM). It can use up to nine times unison for each oscillator, and there are several modes from which to choose. Two multi-mode filters with several types are on board, as well as several envelopes and LFOs for your sound design. I am just getting started, as there is much more to this powerful synth.

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How to install Spire presets:

  1. Open an instance of Spire.
  2. Click on Spire’s Menu button.
  3. Choose Import Bank from the list of options.
  4. Find and select the soundbankname.sbf files (available multi­-selection).
  5. Click on Spire’s Menu button and select the Select Bank option from the list to see all imported sound banks.

Browse and download Spire Patches/Preset Banks: