Collection of Amapiano MIDI Sample Packs

Tom Oct 19, 2023

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Collection of Amapiano MIDI Sample Packs
Currently riding the waves of popular music trends, Amapiano has solidified its spot as one of the most revered genres, exuding both chart-toppers and a rich blend of Afro-music elements. We've been bombarded with requests from aspiring artists and music enthusiasts asking us to suggest ideal midi sample packs for crafting perfect amapiano tracks.

Well, it's time for us to deliver. We started our quest by zeroing in on amapiano packs overflowing with midi files, which offer immeasurable flexibility and open up a realm of opportunities to concoct new, refreshingly unique songs. Don’t worry, we didn't forget about the must-haves of Afro music.

The sample packs we've cherry-picked are awash with the vital ingredients needed to blend a solid amapiano track - pulsating drums, exuberant vocals, and irresistibly catchy melodies. But the heart and soul of amapiano - what is it? Rest assured that we've chosen products fashioned by bona fide fans of the genre who have successfully captured its lifeblood. This means you're getting more than just a set of tools - you're being handed the very essence that fuels the allure of amapiano music.

We've compiled an inventory that caters to all, encompassing both premium and free midi amapiano packs. The free sample pack alone houses over 3.5GB of amapiano sounds, making it a veritable treasure trove for those taking their first plunge into the vibrant world of amapiano music.

So, get ready to tinker with, experiment and create your distinctive amapiano symphony!

Free Amapiano Sample Pack

The first Amapiano sample pack that we chose in our list is a free pack that every producer must have. This pack contains over 3.85 GB of amapiano sounds and midi files! Be sure to check this product before moving on to the next ones.

Collection of 5 Body-Shaking Amapiano Kits

Mystic Samples 'Amapiano Nkosazane' is a meticulously assembled sound pack, overflowing with originality and innovation. It's easily accessible to your preferred DAW with a simple drag-and-drop, providing the flexibility required to produce distinctive Amapiano tracks. The pack includes both MIDI files and traditional samples in WAV format."

Amapiano Construction Kits with Vocals

"Amapiano Hits" of Seven Sounds is a great proposition for people who like mixtures of amapiano music with pop. It is a very precisely prepared set containing amapiano melodies and percussion. An additional advantage of this set is that it contains beautiful female vocals in the amapiano style.

KUNJANI: Amapiano & Chill

"KUNJANI" of ASHKA is a product for people who are looking for chill amapiano samples. This set contains midi drum patterns, great drum sounds, and brilliant melody lines. We think this set is a must-have for Afro producers.

MIDI Amapiano & Vocals Sample Pack

Craft your next Amapiano Hit Record with 'KORSA: Amapiano & Vocals' - a mega sample pack including 143 carefully crafted WAV loops and 36 MIDI files from Ashka Label. KORSA is designed to provide you with modern sounds and rejuvenating Amapiano vibes to help you evolve your creations.

Hijazy: Ethnic Amapiano 2

'Hijazy: Ethnic Amapiano 2' is the 2nd Installement of "Hijazy Amapiano Series" it is an All-In-One Sample Pack and equipped with 150+ WAV Loops, 105+ MIDI Files, and 135+ One-Shots that encapsulate AMAPIANO with a Special touch of Ethnic Instruments & Drums, perfect for your next Top Charting hits.

Danko - Amapiano All In One (Midi Kit)

Danko: Amapiano and Bacardi's Perfect Harmony. Danko is your golden ticket to creating captivating Amapiano rhythms, laced with the exotic charm of Bacardi. Surrender to the undeniable rhythm of Amapiano, the music genre that's been setting the global music scene ablaze.

Naughty Amapiano - (Amapiano MIDI Stem Kits)

'Naughty Amapiano - Amapiano Beats and Hooks Sample Pack' by Dik3l is a Sample Pack loaded with WAV Loops and One-Shots, containing elements of Deep House and Jazz, it's a wonderful palette of sounds to dive into, also reaching to Afrobeat and Reggaeton for inspiration and texture.

Collection of Body-Shaking MIDI Amapiano Kits

'Amapiano Ukwini' by Mystic Samples is another new spearhead MIDI & WAV sound pack in this real body-shaking Amapiano samples collection straight from Soweto delivered directly to your favorite DAW with a single Drag & Drop move.

Amapiano Rhythms - MIDI & WAV Melodies

Prepare to be entranced by the pulsating beats of Seven Sounds' latest offering, "Amapiano Rhythms." This sample pack is a vibrant tapestry of rhythm and sound, brimming with infectious energy and a kaleidoscope of colorful vibes. "Amapiano Rhythms" is more than just a sample pack - it's a treasure trove of inspiration, a musical palette designed to ignite your creativity and set your next songs ablaze. The pack is a masterful blend of catchy vocals and expertly crafted musical production, each element meticulously curated to breathe life into your music.

MIDI Ampiano Melodies from Atlas Audio

This amapiano sample pack including 122 WAV Loops, 93 MIDI Files, 101 One-Shots, crafted with rhythmic drums, catchy melodies and dreamy sounds to make the next AMAPIANO Hits.


We trust that you've found our curated selection of amapiano midi packs to be a veritable treasure trove of inspiration, designed to aid you in crafting your next chart-topper. Our aim was to strike a balance between complimentary and premium sample packs, ensuring that every musician, regardless of budget, can access these sonic gems. The packs we've showcased are brimming with pre-arranged MIDI drum patterns, captivating melodies, and evocative vocals.

These elements serve as the building blocks for your musical masterpiece, enabling you to construct a track from the ground up. So, whether you're a seasoned producer or an emerging talent, these amapiano midi packs are your ticket to creating a full-fledged song that resonates with listeners and leaves a lasting impression.