Download Sample pack ESM_Loop_90_Bounce_LoFi_Trap_Chord_Short_Dm_Pluck_Melody_Melodic_Rhythmic_Tonal_Electronic_Electro_17173332055f4535e0125172.35801471.mp3

Preview sample from Fire Lo-fi Trap


Format: wav Product: Fire Lo-fi Trap Provider: Epic Stock Media

About sample: ESM_Loop_90_Bounce_LoFi_Trap_Chord_Short_Dm_Pluck_Melody_Melodic_Rhythmic_Tonal_Electronic_Electro.wav

The sample comes from Epic Stock Media - Fire Lo-fi Trap. The sample was inspired by artists such as This sound is perfect to build Lo-Fi, Trap beats. By downloading this sample you get a studio-quality WAV file compatible with all today’s music production programs. This sound is 100% royalty free.

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