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Giacomo Galletti is a 19 year old music producer/audio engineer from Italy. He started to become more passionate about music at the age of 8, when he learned how to play guitar and writing his first songs. At the age of 12, he was trying to put together a band, but never really happened due to the constant changes and lack of passion from other players of the band. After this unsuccess, he decided to quit with music and he spent the following years pretty much doing nothing. Until one day, he heard an old Eminem song, which opened a whole new world for him. He started discovering more and more about hiphop music everyday, until he started wondering “How was this music really made?”. After a long period of time researching, he found out about a program called FL Studio. This DAW is where he started making his first beats and developing a passion for making hiphop music. This was winter of 2011, when MadReal realized he was about to go full time on Hip Hop Productions. At the age of 18 he has created his company “MadReal” and is now working towards becoming a success in beat making, and in the creation of music all around.

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