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LGND Media

LGND Media is a full-service production company that strives to bring the best to every producer and artist they come into contact with.


LGND aims to be the most versatile company around, with various production styles being Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, R&B, Dubstep, Dance, Trance, Rock, and Easy Listening.


LGND believes in not only bringing the best to their customers, but to also to educate their base. With this in mind, they desire to create music that not only keeps their customers on the cutting edge, but also create music that inspires fellow producers, composers, and artists to create music that is signature to something that the modern age of music has forsaken...creativity. LGND wants every sound, every beat, every loop to give you back your creativity as a creator; as they strongly and firmly believe there is a creator in everyone. LGND Media, above all, wants you to become legendary.


They want you to become something more than what you could ever imagine as a content creator. They believe there is so much more to music than just a beat or organised melody; behind that, there is a genius, a mindset that drives every note to excellence... at LGND Media they want to give you just that... excellence. Here's to your creativity. Here's to legendary. You are a creator. This is LGND.

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LGND Media - The Customs Toolbox

'The Customs Toolbox' is a pack designed for innovation. This colossial 2 GB release brings you eight Construction Kits, six LGND Song Starters (a completely new LGND innovation designed to give you back the freedom to create and spark your creativity), 50 MIDI loops and files, 60 One-Shots comprised...
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Price: $29.95 $17.95

LGND Media - VOX: Laquan Green

'VOX: Laquan Green' is the first foray into one-shot Kits from LGND. With the chart-topping successes of 'Empires 2', 'Empires: Laquan Green', 'Empires Doxology', 'Sara Smile', 'Skylines' and so many others, there is one thing in common that was the catalyst for the widely seen success: the voice...
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Price: $23.95 $14.95

Results: 1 - 2 of 2

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