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Traumah Braumah, well known sound designer (former Traumah Drums) brings you his new sound company, Braumahbeats.com, providing producers with dope, bangin’ high quality drum sounds, beat construction kits, and MIDI & loops to help take your music production to the next level.


If you make beats and love using kicks that knock and snares that snap, you def wanna download Braumahbeats drums and loops kits asap!

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Braumah Beats - Dragon Fire Drums

These drum samples are designed to invoke your inner Dragon and inspire you to make FIRE beats back to back. Every snare, kick, hi hat, crash, and percussion is engineered to perfection and guaranteed to cut right through ensuring your beats bang loud and clear.
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Price: $26.95 $18.86

Braumah Beats - Opium Drums

Dope Drums Are The Heart Beat Of Hip Hop Music Production. Dope’n up your sound with these Opium Drums and witness your beats transform into industry standard productions overnight. Designed with HIGH broadcast quality, load Opium Drums up and you’ll be dropping dope beats...
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Price: $26.95 $18.86

Braumah Beats - Gorilla Trap Vol. 1 - Drums N' Loops

Get ready to unleash your gorilla from the trap and let your creativity out of the box with these insane Gorilla Trap drum samples and loops. Every snare, kick, percussion, crash, and hi-hat is designed and engineered to make your beats hit hard and clean.
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Price: $26.95 $18.86

Results: 1 - 3 of 3

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